Garlic – Vampires Keep Away

Garlic is an interesting one because it is similar to lemon where it is used with other foods but not often eaten by itself.  I have had varying degrees of exposure to garlic but recently was the first time I have really worked with it myself.  I really like these lightly buttered garlic knots at a restaurant nearby which has helped me explore this one a little further.  I do not like it when there is strong garlic flavor but I am ok with just a little bit so far.

I learned how to prepare garlic and handle it myself when making fondue for the first time.  We needed one garlic clove to rub on the fondue pot.  Although this is not really eating the garlic this was a small step with working with the garlic myself.  So I felt the texture, smelt the garlic itself as well as smelt the strong garlic on my fingers afterword.

This led to my next step of actually including very finely chopped garlic into the fondue and then also into the guacamole itself.  That way I know exactly what those little pieces are and how they got there.  It makes it much more familiar.

Garlic surprisingly has several health benefits and for thousands of years has been believed to have medicial properties.  It has several nutrients some of which include vitamin c, vitamin b6, and manganese.  It can help combat the common cold by boosting the immune system and there have even been a few studies done where it has reduced the number of colds or timeline of cold systems.  It has also shown to improve blood pressure and lower total and LDL cholesterol.  Overall, seems to be beneficial and shouldn’t be too difficult to add into the diet here and there.


3 thoughts on “Garlic – Vampires Keep Away

  1. Judy Rohrer says:

    This is a great food to add to your diet, Jessica. I have read it also benefits the heart. The funny thing about garlic is, the longer you bake it in the oven, the more it looses its strong garlic smell. Try baking a whole garlic bulb at 350 degrees into the cloves are soft. You can then spread the soft garlic on a piece of bread like butter, or mix it in with butter. (I think this is how the concept of garlic bread was discovered!) So glad to see you are experimenting! Enjoyed your informative post!!!!

  2. rohrerken says:

    Nice post. I have other ideas for Garlic if you want. You can try roasting some and then just spreading it on a cracker. Much stronger, but just one ingredient.

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks for the idea, I actually did go ahead and tried roasting it. It is crazy how the texture changes and it does seem to become stronger but a bit sweeter when it is roasted in olive oil. I am surprised how it transforms.

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