Avacados become Guacamole

So one thing I have learned so far with trying new foods is that I do not know what I think about a new food until after I have tried it several times.  The first few times I try it I am really just concentrating on swallowing and keeping it down.  Avacados are one that I have been working on for a while.  So we have been bringing avacados home and I have been trying them one small step at a time.  They still have an oily, buttery and creamy texture with a bit of a nutty rich flavor but I am more used to it now.  It is still wierd to me that the guacamole has slightly different greens and textures throughout.

I have surprisingly also progressed to making my own simple guacamole from avacados.  I went from trying a very small piece of the avacado, to helping to prepare the avacados, to making my own guacamole.  Getting involved in the preparation process helps even though I am still uncomfortable handeling any new food.  It helps to know how the guacamole is put together because I do not like the chunkier texture of the guacamole but after preparing it myself I can see how and why it is chunkier after you cut it up.  I still don’t eat much guacamole on a chip at once but it is more than ever before which for me is progress.

Here is my very simple guacamole recipe:

  • Two avacados
  • Lemon juice from half a lemon
  • Garlic powder
  • Salt to taste



3 thoughts on “Avacados become Guacamole

  1. Brian says:

    Hi. First, congrats on having success adding some new foods. I had to comment because I’m an ARFID sufferer too and I’ve been able to slowly add a lot of new foods but Avocado is not one of them! I’ve had it but I’m still not very comfortable with it yet.

  2. rohrerken says:

    Nice write up. This isn’t a food I expected you to try, but a great one to add to your diet. I like that your doing some of the prep work to make it with several ingredients.

  3. judyrohrer says:

    That is great that you tried guacamole! An avacado is one of the most nutritious foods so that is a good one to get used to eating. I am very proud of you for trying something new! I hope you keep experimenting and wish you good luck on your food journey!

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