12 New Foods This Year

It is a New Year and we all know what that means…time for some New Years Resolutions!

But before I begin discussing the new year I have to quickly mention 2013.  This past year was a bit crazy since my husband and I adopted a new dog, Madison, to our family.  Madison is a beautiful red and white husky with crystal blue eyes who just turned 5 this past November.  We adopted her from a local husky rescue and absolutely love her.  However, she came to us with some pretty serious medical problems that we have been working all year to try and figure out.  Although she is not completely better I think we have gotten to a point where we can at least try and control her symptoms and she can live a relatively normal life.

Madison Christmas

So my picky eating efforts have been on hold for a while but I am ready to renew them with the start of 2014.  My goal for this year is to try at least one new food per month for a total of 12 new foods this year.  It may not seem like a lot at first glance but I think it is a realistic goal and actually kind of aggressive for a picky eater.  This schedule should give me enough time to really become accustomed to each new food by trying it several times throughout the month.

So the question is which 12 new foods will I commit to?  I think I am still going to try mostly new fruits and vegetables this year.  So those of you who are picky eaters out there do you have any suggestions for new foods that were easier to add into your diet?


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