Christmas Oranges

So for my new fruit this week I tried clementines, which are just a smaller variety of mandarin oranges.  Packed snugly into their characteristic miniature food crates, they have become a popular sight during the Winter holidays and have earned themselves the nickname of “Christmas Oranges.”

Similar to several other fruits they are very good for you.  They are a good source of Vitamin C, contain fiber and can help give you a natural energy boost.  They have almost no fat and on average are only about 35 calories.  Seems like the perfect snack!

Ok so the first thing that came to mind was how do I peel it?  Having never peeled a clementine on my own I was not sure how this would go and was hoping I wouldn’t make a mess or not be able to peel the whole thing.  It was a nice surprise to find out how incredibly easy clementines actually are to peel and I had no problem whatsoever.

The next thing I noticed was as soon as you start peeling the clementine you are immediately hit with the citrus smell.  I understand why so many air fresheners, cleaning products, and other fragrances are based off of citrus fruits like oranges  because the smell is not only prominent but also very refreshing.

Ok so now I am ready to try it and I am again just looking to try to get used to the texture here because I have had orange juice before so I already have a good idea what it will taste like.  I always prefer the orange juice with no pulp though!

I actually like that it is split into smaller pieces and I am able to try one small piece at a time.  When I took my first bite the juice immediately squirted into my mouth.  So it is very juicy at first but as you keep chewing and essentially gotten all of the juice I did not like having all the pulp left over.  So my advice to anyone trying oranges or clementines for the first time is try to limit the number of times you chew it before swallowing.  Continuing to chew the same piece definitely does not improve the flavor!  One of the other things I do like about the clementine is that there are no seeds!

As far as the taste as mentioned previously I was not too surprised because I have had orange juice before.  It is kind of sweet but not as sweet as a thought it would be and it was a little tart.

I think this is probably my favorite of the new fruits I have tried so far.   🙂


One thought on “Christmas Oranges

  1. Kara says:

    Wow! Congratulations on trying a citrus. That’s one of the foods that I always thought was too strong and avoided it. Now that I see a fellow picky eater liked one, I may consider tasting one.

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