Strawberries – Part 2

Follow up impressions- So I have continued trying strawberries throughout the week and here are some of my additional observations.  I still can’t get over the seeds, there are just so many seeds!!!   Also I am getting used to the fact that strawberries aren’t super sweet like I thought they would be but are actually a little tart.

So I  tried them covered in chocolate because I know everyone seems to like chocolate covered strawberries so wanted to see what this would be like.  FYI when you are trying to make chocolate covered strawberries do not just put Hershey’s chocolate bar squares into the microwave!!!!  They will not melt the way you want them to but instead will burn on the bottom and proceed to fill your kitchen with the smell of burning chocolate!

Ideally you would want to use chocolate chips but since I didn’t have any I used Hershey’s kisses.  I took the Hershey’s kisses and Scott helped me cut these into smaller pieces which we put into a little bowl with some milk.  Then we used the defrost setting on the microwave and checked on them every 15-20 seconds or so to stir the melted cholocate around.  This actually worked and we were able to dip several of the strawberries in chocolate after washing them.  Then after Scott proceeded to eat a few we put the rest in the fridge.

I liked the chocolate covered strawberries better not only because I love chocolate but also because when you try them the first thing your tongue touches is now the chocolate instead of all of the seeds.  Plus with the chocolate it is all a little sweeter which is nice.  So my conclusions about strawberries are that I am still not a huge fan of the texture with all of the seeds, the taste on its own is good but definitely the best way to have them is covered in chocolate!


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