Ok so I started by trying strawberries because I have had other things that were strawberry flavored so I really just need to try an actual strawberry and get used to the texture.

First impression –  I noticed right away all of the seeds.  There are so many seeds that you feel on your tongue when you bite into them as well as later while you are chewing.  I was also surprised to find that although strawberries are sweet they are actually not as sweet as I expected.  I guess that is because I have had strawberry flavored gum, strawberry flavored candy, strawberry flavored yogurt, strawberry flavored ice cream etc, all of which are actually much sweeter and must have extra sugar or some other sweetener added in.  My other observation was that strawberries are juicy but not as much as say grapes are.


2 thoughts on “Strawberries

  1. L. says:

    Congratulations on trying strawberries! I understand what a big step that is. I completely agree with you- when I first tried strawberries, I was surprised by the sour taste. Try to keep eating strawberries; hopefully you’ll get used to the seeds. Best of luck!

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